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Jonathan Silva - Co-Founder:

Jonathan “Jon the Warrior” Silva graduated from Johnson College and participated in a program with a local Army Depot. While working, he continued his education at Misericordia University and pursued self-development while traveling to various locations for employment. Through the years, Jon gained extensive public sector experience including travels to support various Army agencies, and also worked overseas in Baghdad, Iraq.

Jon’s private sector experience includes working as a junior controller for a startup in NYC, as a purchasing officer for a full-service exhibit, interior, and event provider, and at an off-campus retail and music store during college.

Together with his brother, he has a shared love for delicious pizza, positive vibes, and the warrior mentality. Combining their unique talents, educational ‘street-smart’ upbringing in Brooklyn NY, and their professional experiences led to the successful launching of Warriors.Pizza LLC.

Peter Garces - Co-Founder:

Peter “Chef Pete” Garces started his career in the food and hospitality industry, working his way up from humble beginnings as a food runner at the prestigious Russos On The Bay to leadership roles in some of New York City’s top restaurants.

After discovering his talent to work with dough and his professional work experience as a young chef at Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn, he found himself in various leading positions. He gained invaluable experience as a kitchen manager, sous chef, and executive chef before landing a career-changing role as the sole pizza chef of the well-known and New York Times-reviewed Mamas Too.

For many years, Chef Pete worked in NYC, mastering the art of gourmet pizza-making and serving many well-known personalities, including Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, and many more. He then embarked on a new journey and, together with his brother Jon, started the mobile pizza business Warriors.Pizza LLC, using his expertise from years in the industry to bring fresh gourmet pizza to clients in PA, NJ, and NYC.

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