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The Pizza Friday Crave!

Family Friday Pizza Night!

Growing up, Friday was always my favorite day of the week. Although, it was not because that meant the weekend was right around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, Friday is the start to a great weekend! As a youth, Friday held many meanings. In my household, Fridays were reserved for eating pizza with the family. We were pizza warriors that day. There were quiet a few pizza stores and vendors I looked forward to ordering but that’s a story for another day!

This tradition has been in place for as long as I can remember in my home. I would sit through my classes all day, looking forward to indulging some tasty pizza and much-needed video game or movie rentals! Sometimes I felt like the clock was literally going backwards. I couldn’t get to the video store fast enough after school! Video games and pizza wasn’t a choice for me it was strictly required! It was genuinely the best part of my week, especially after a tiring day at school or work. We created so many long-lasting memories during those weekly dinners that I will treasure forever.

These memories influenced me to pursue my passions and interests and open my own pizza business here in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. What better way to share my memories than to help create new ones for families around the Pocono Mountains!

As I reflected on my own pizza Friday experience, I realized that every family across the United States, and particularly in the Pocono Mountains, would probably benefit from a weekly pizza night. It is a delicious meal and perfect for sharing. Besides, what better way to start your weekend than bonding over a cheesy pizza with your favorite people? Honestly, even if your eating pizza with your not so favorite people, at least your chowing down on some cheesy deliciousness right?

This post will uncover what caused pizza Fridays to become so popular. I mean we all crave some pizza from time to time but we will also provide some reasons we believe your family should implement a weekly pizza night tradition.

How Did Pizza Friday’s Become a Popular crave?


Many families around the country partake in weekly pizza nights. The practice was especially prevalent in Catholic American households throughout the early 1950s. In my neighborhood in Brooklyn New York, we were in a predominantly Catholic community. They were not permitted to eat meat on Fridays due to their religious beliefs. These families would either eat seafood, plant-based meals. Back when I was a kid, we didn’t have great gourmet options like Chef JJ’s Fieldtrip in Harlem, New York City. In my house, that pretty much meant fish from the local market. Although I appreciate a good fish cuisine today, it wasn’t my favorite as a young kid in Brooklyn. Many families satisfied a pizza crave and ordered a cheese pizza for dinner. All cheese and no meat was perfect considering the whole no meat requirement. This was undoubtedly the most fun and simple option available. I’m listening to my parents, eating all my dinner and it’s the perfect solution for the religion based requirement of no meat? Even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had only Mushrooms and Anchovies on some of their pizza. Life was awesome!

Even as meatless Fridays became less enforced over the years by modern Catholics, many people continued to keep up with their weekly pizza night tradition. We are not very surprised, considering there are few dishes that taste better than a perfectly crispy and cheesy slice of pizza. However, Catholics still tend to avoid consuming meat on Fridays throughout Lent, the forty-day period observed between Ash Wednesday and Easter in honor of Christ’s resurrection. Good Friday, which is celebrated during this period, is usually one of the busiest pizza days of the year, alongside Super Bowl Sunday and Halloween. Who doesn’t appreciate fresh buffalo wings and pizza on a Superbowl Sunday? Us pizza warriors sure do!

Today, over forty-one percent of families order pizza at least once a week in the United States. That is a significant number of families!!! It is an easy solution for busy parents or couples that want to enjoy dinner without the hassle of cooking. Pizza is so versatile that you can very often change toppings for adventurous new flavors! We are sure this lovely tradition will continue for many years to come and hope that our readers give weekend pizza nights a chance if they have not already. Getting hungry yet?

5 Reasons Why Your Family Should Start A Weekly Pizza Day Tradition

You are able to spend more time bonding with each other.

One of the best parts about take-out is that nobody has to cook. Therefore, your family can spend all that time saved with one another instead. Pizza nights allow the perfect opportunity for your family to catch up and recharge before the new week begins. You may even take the evening one step further by playing games or watching movies together after your meal. At the very least, once someone yells, “The pizzas here!”, the family can at least share an eagerness to indulge!

It is pretty affordable compared to other take-out meal options.

Ordering take-out can get pricey, especially for those with large families. However, pizza is among the less expensive take-out meals that still tastes delicious upon arrival and feeds the most bellies. It is terrific for sharing with multiple people since one large pie can feed an entire family. You may even store any leftover slices in the refrigerator or freezer, allowing you to save a bit of money on future meals. As a kid and well into my college years I would rarely put my pizza in the fridge. I always though next day pizza tasted better. My stomach said otherwise as I got a bit older.

You will not have too much to clean up after dinner.

Another positive aspect of ordering take-out is easy clean-up. There is usually very little to do besides washing plates and storing away any leftovers. Even then, you can always use paper plates or the pizza box it came in. We find that clean-up is incredibly straightforward on pizza Fridays, allowing plenty of time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, or in my case, more video game playing!

You may easily serve large groups of people.

A standard large pizza pie may feed a small family in one sitting, making it an ideal shareable or family-style meal. Pizza is an excellent take-out option for those with big families or friend groups. It is also common to see the dish offered at parties for this exact reason. Pizza is an extremely versatile dish, so it is easy to serve at casual and formal events like weddings or corporate luncheons. At Warriors.Pizza the larger pizzas are suitable to fill many bellies!

And of course, you get to eat the best food on Earth – pizza!

Let’s be real here, who doesn’t love pizza? It tastes heavenly and is considered the ultimate comfort food for numerous families across the country. Pizza has grown in popularity over the years and it’s demand is forecasted to grow. If given any excuse to eat a slice or even a whole pizza, our team is all for it, and we are sure some of our readers might feel the same.

How Warriors.Pizza Can Help

Warriors.Pizza offers customers a variety of delicious and fresh made wood-fired pizzas, from classic Margarita style pies to deep dish focaccia ‘squares’ topped with creamy burrata cheese. The options seem endless! Plus, we are always switching up toppings to the seasons and trends. We are sure one of the pizzas featured on our menu will please the tastebuds of even the pickiest eaters in your family. Whether you want a cheese pizza for your Friday or you want a succulent Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza, pizza can function as a great food for all! If you haven’t placed an order yet, what are you waiting for?

You can never go wrong celebrating Pizza Friday with the Warriors.Pizza family. In fact, why limit pizza to only Fridays? Its a great idea to make a Friday Pizza tradition but don’t limit yourself. Pizza is delicious and appropriate for just about any day. Check out our gallery and social media accounts to see all the toppings and gourmet pizzas the Warrior Bros. and Warriors.Pizza has to offer. From unique and exotic trendy pizzas to the OG classics.

Feel free to contact us to place an order for today! Need a large order? No problem, click on the contact us section of our website and we can discuss how to best tailor our services to your needs. We truly enjoy being pizza warriors and would love the opportunity to show you how great gourmet pizza should taste!

From the Warriors.Pizza family to yours, enjoy pizza Warriors!

Yours truly,

Jon The Warrior.

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