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While most people enjoy pizza, it often leads to intense discussions among family or friends. Maybe even you’ve undoubtedly found yourself arguing your viewpoint on which local pizzeria is the greatest or which pizza toppings are the most delicious at some time in your life. The main discussion has been whether traditional round or deep-dish pizza is the best-delivered pizza. The population in and traveling through the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania may be trending towards a specific style.

A deep-dish pizza is exactly what it sounds like: a deep, delicious dish that can accommodate all of your favorite toppings. Deep dish pizza includes a variety of pizzas.

Want to know more about this best pizza type that everybody loves these days? Then, keep reading this article to see the difference between traditional and deep-dish pizza and why the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania prefer deep-dish pizza. We will also discuss considerations in choosing the best deep dish pizza out there or cooking one yourself.

Deep Dish Pizza

Deep dish pizza has a crunchy, crispy, light, and airy crust topped with a generous amount of shredded mozzarella, choice toppings, and a layer of tomato sauce. A specific pan is frequently used to prepare deep dish pizzas, helping the crust’s exterior and edges become golden brown and crunchy. The crust of this pizza is crunchy-edged yet airy, which is this pizza’s main feature.

Special pans make a thicker pizza may resemble a pie or what is commonly known within the pizza community as squares. The unusual preparation and pan in which it is baked results in a pizza with high sides that allows for a generous amount of cheese and sauce. Though the dough isn’t very wide, it is deep, which enables it to contain a lot of sauce, cheese, and toppings, making the entire pizza much more filling.

Criteria To Choose Best Deep Pan Pizza

Deep-dish pizza is not intended to be delicate. It punches you in the throat with an excess of cheese, sauce, and toppings. So evaluating a deep-dish pizza is not as difficult as one may believe. It’s all about letting yourself savor each bite.

Ø Crust

A decent deep dish pizza crust should withstand all cheese without becoming a greasy mess. The crust’s exterior texture should be crisp, especially on the bottom. The line where the dough meets the cheese should be cooked without being doughy or gummy, which is a severe problem with far too many deep-dish pies.

Ø Sauce

The sauce is the tie that pulls everything together. Deep-dish pizzas come in various sauces, ranging from tomato purée to sauce with big vegetable pieces to a combination of both. The sauce needs both acid and sweetness to cut through the cheese, meats, and/or veggies and create balance in every bite.

Ø Fillings

A variety of things should be considered while judging the fillings or ingredients of a deep pan pizza. It would be best if you kept the cheese-to-sauce ratio in mind. Another thing to look for is if there is enough cheese and whether it pulls out with a pleasant length of gooey strands.

Deep Dish Pizza VS Traditional Round Pizza

A deep-dish pizza features’ Focaccia’ dough, which is a golden, crispy yet chewy, buttery crust, as opposed to the thin crust of a traditional round pizza. The crust on a deep-dish pizza is thick and strong. This means it can retain a lot of toppings and cheese, leaving your belly satisfied.

Traditional Round Pizza tends to have less dough and gluten, allowing more room in the belly for pizza. Moreover, a thinner crust can only accommodate a scattering of thinly cut items that cook fast.

Because a pan pizza has a larger crust and depth, the ingredients may be heaped on because it must bake for much longer than a crust that cooks rapidly. Furthermore, some items, such as sausage, do not need to be pre-cooked due to the extended cooking time. As a consequence, your sausage and mushroom pizza will be brimming with delicious flavor.

Deep Dish Pizza VS Stuffed Pizza

Stuffed pizza is similar to deep dish pizza, but it is built more like a pie. Deep-dish pizzas feature a crust that extends up the edges of the pan. On the other hand, Stuffed pizzas can be even deeper than deep-dish pizzas.

Pizza dough is used to coat the bottom and sides of a deep-dish pan, which is then loaded with cheese and ingredients. This layer is surrounded by another layer, similar to a pie, and then tomato sauce is poured over everything. The second layer of dough is utilized to cover the filled pizza.

Cheese is another essential characteristic that distinguishes deep dish pizza from its counterpart. Stuffed pizzas typically have a lot of cheese in them. On the other hand, deep-dish pizzas have more tomato sauce and less cheese than filled pizzas. So, if you like cheese, loaded pizza will undoubtedly wow you. In comparison, deep-dish pizzas are a great alternative if you prefer a more flavorful taste of cheese and sauce.

What Makes Pocono Deep Dish Pizza Unique?

There are several things that make a deep pan pizza unique and better than other pizzas out there. Some of these reasons include:

  • The crust of the deep-dish pizza is distinct and tasty. This is because it is baked in cast-iron pans with no handles. Bakers do not clean their pans. As a result, the ingredients left in the oven pan give the pizza a stronger flavor.
  • Unlike traditional pizzas, where the dough is made with machines, the dough in deep-dish pizza is hand-made, making the dough more hydrated and tasty.
  • The ingredients added in the deep dish pizza are of high quality selected from the local stores. The sauce is hand-made from specially chosen tomatoes of San Marzano.
  • Deep dish pizza will take a bit longer to cook than standard pizzas. This time also allows all of the extra oil to drain, resulting in a thick but not greasy crust. It also helps the crust

crisp up, while the inside remains fluffy, which adds a great contrast to the filling.


Warriors.Pizza is a mobile food service creating premium pizzas and offering a hybrid approach to delivery & takeout on www.warriors.pizza.   Famous for their Pocono Deep Dish Pizza, they are located in the Pocono Mountains area of Pennsylvania. They are pizza specialists with roots from Brooklyn, New York, unquestionably America’s most popular and trendy pizza city.

They make fresh wood fire pizza in a mobile gourmet kitchen. This quality differentiates them and even prioritizes them from other oven-cooking outlets in the Pocono Mountains. They deliver wood-fired pizza, with dough created from scratch and quality toppings sure to satisfy the taste buds!

Wood Fire Pizza

Warriors.Pizza is well-known for their wood fire pizzas in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. They use fresh gourmet hickory wood to produce fire to prepare their pizzas.

Because the pizza cooks faster in a wood-fired oven, it imparts a lovely contrast to the completed pizza. The bottom of the crust will cook rapidly, resulting in a nice charred flavor on the edges that tastes somewhat smokey in a suitable manner.


Their menu is full of mouth-watering and delicious items. Some of their best flavors include:-

  • Burrata Roni: It contains shredded mozzarella and pepperoni with fresh basil. They give finishing toches with Burrata and freshly grated parmesan cheese.
  • Hot Honey Roni Cup: This unique pizza contains mozzarella cheese, sauce, and meaty slices of Hormel Rosa Grande Pepperoni topped with a locally sourced and spicy Hot Honey glaze.
  • EL PEDRO: Their special egg pizza is topped with cured chorizo and finished with their tomatillo Pico De Gallo.

Warriors.Pizza Party

They also cater and vend at private and public parties. They provide:

  • A unique and versatile fine dining experience by bringing Warriors.Pizza to your preferred location and preparing each pizza in front of you
  • A guarantee of usage of locally sourced, high-quality ingredients to ensure the freshest, best-tasting pizza.
  • A distinct flavor which their top chefs masterfully produce.

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